Roofing Sheets Suppliers in Ernakulam Kerala

Colour Coated Roofing Sheets

Roofing Sheets Suppliers in Ernakulam Kerala, which include Colour Coated Roofing Sheets such as Trapezoidal roofing sheets, Corrugated roofing sheets, Curved roofing sheets,  Aluminium Roofing Sheets and many more items.

The Roofing sheets are manufactured from zinc/ aluminum alloy coated high tensile steel. The sheets are available in attractive range of colours.

General benefits of Roofing and Wall Sheets are as follows

• Smart appearance with subtle square fluting
• Anti-capillary groove ensures leak-proof roof
• Minimum yield strength of 550 MPa ensures required strength for roofing application
• Accurate thickness, width and length gives a perfect fit for any roof
• Wider valley ensures higher water discharge in case of heavy rains

Material Specification:

Total Coated Thickness (mm) 
0.35 / 0.45 / 0.50 / 0.60

Sheet length* (mm)

2440 (8 ft), 3050 (10 ft), 3660 (12 ft), 4270 (14 ft), and
4880 (16 ft)

Effective cover width (mm)
Nominal 1015

Overall width (mm)
Nominal 1072

Roofing Sheets Suppliers in Ernakulam Kerala


roofing sheets
  • Less joints, does not break, crack or leak
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and store
  • Saving of Structural Steel by up to 40%
  • Length available up-to 6 metres

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate Roofing sheets are used as rooflights and sidelights with corrugated metal roofs and offer multiple advantages.

The profiles match most metal sheet profiles. Trafford sheets form a complete shield against harmful UV rays while admitting maximum light. The sheets help in conservation of energy and in improving the quality of the working environment.


1mm, 1.5mm1100mm, 1090mm205mm, 250mm25mm, 32mm3.66m, 6.10m, 7.30mClear & Bronze

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